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Muscle Epitome The Salvator- 100% Pure L-GLUTAMINE

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MUSCLE EPITOME The Salvator- 100% Pure Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles. Glutamine is critically important to a wide range of bodily processes.  Glutamine is considered “conditionally essential.” . It’s involved in many metabolic processes, and is the principal carrier of nitrogen in the body and is an important energy source for many cells. During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. This is especially useful for people ‘cutting down. Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, cell volumizing, and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also increases your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth. Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles.


  • Glutamine may serve to boost your immune system
  • Glutamine helps maintain cell volume and hydration, speeding up wound and burn healing and recovery.
  • Glutamine has been linked to protein synthesis.
  • It can even cure ulcers! Studies have found that 1.6 grams of Glutamine a day had a 92% cure rate in 4 weeks.
  • Glutamine is essential for maintaining intestinal function and aiding in the immune response as well
  • Glutamine benefits you by renewing declining Glutamine levels during intense workouts.