Muscle Epitome Titanium Whey Protein

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Muscle Epitome Titanium Whey protein is a strength boosting and superior performance whey protein.It is a unique mixture of 24 grams of Whey Protein in 30 gram scoop size which gives 80% protein per scoop. Its blended with 5.5 g BCAA, 5 g Glutamine, 3 g Creatine, 1.25 g Taurine, 1.25 g Beta Alanine and Arginine with 20 vitamins & minerals. It also Contains naturally occured Digestive Enzymes. It helps in increases energy & pump, increases focus,gives explosive strength, helps recover the muscles. It boosts immunity and gains muscles size & strength.This is packed with 24 grams of great tasting high quality non-fat protein blend is an ideal way to meet up your protein requirement throughout the day. It gets into your body rapidly, so your muscles can start recovering from heavy training. It is enhanced with most effective ingredients such as creatine, Bcaa, taurine, beta alanine and glutamine to improve athletic performance, maximizes energy level ,boosts muscle gain and fast recovery. It accelerates muscle protein synthesis & absorption of amino for efficient use by muscles. Enhanced with more amino acids than standard whey protein. One of the cleanest and purest protein sources available to athletes, strength training individuals and bodybuilders to meet up with your fitness goals, to help satisfy hunger and give you lasting energy .It also enhances immune system and boosts muscle growth by stimulating maximum protein synthesis. 

Servings per Container - 23